About us

      Wenzhou Feimate Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding accessories and industrial joints. It is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The main products are: European quick joint series, domestic quick joint series, connector series, argon arc welding gun series, plasma cutting gun series and welding assistance Equipment, etc.
      Companies in the operation, sales, technology, business management with professional teams, so that the FEIMATE brand and international standards, professional quality from dedicated. The company completely in accordance with international advanced management system and technical standards to implement enterprise internal management, and passed the CCC, CE certification. The safety, reliability and maintainability of the products have reached the international advanced level. Feimat welding in good faith, quality, service, enterprising for the purpose! Strive to be a first-class welding enterprise.


Production display

We have a sound workshop production management mechanism, quality and quantity of production.

Quality management is the focus of all the management activities of the company, is the root of enterprise development, quality is the vitality of the enterprise, quality management needs the participation of all the company staff, control, comprehensive implementation. Production staff do a good job of "quality three members", that is, the production of the process, on the process of inspectors, the next process of the waiter. Always pay attention to any little things are not sloppy, do a good job in the production of this process, the supervision of the production of the next working procedure, the production of the next working procedure to ensure that the products flowing out from their hands without quality defects.


Product Show


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